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Redemption Rock

Redemption Rock Through The Ages
The Captivity of Mary Rowlandson
King Philip's War
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Happy 250th Anniversary Princeton!!
From 1759-2009

Welcome to the Redemption Rock website!!
Here you can learn all about the intriguing history of Redemption Rock, located on Route 140 in Princeton, Massachusetts.
  • Read about the famous captivity of Mary Rowlandson, and her infamous release at the rock!!
  • Explore the history of Massachusetts' backyard war; King Philip's War!!
  • Delve into what an amazing contribution a rock can be to a town!!
Like heroine stories? We got it!! Like war stories? We got it!! Like poetry? We got it!! Like pictures? We got it!! Like hiking? We got it!! Like rocks? We got it!!

Redemption Rock
Picture taken by Maribeth Cote



Created by Maribeth Cote